Real Plants... Real Powers... Real FUN...

We live in a time when children often grow up isolated from nature. Powerful Plants stories and characters reconnect kids with plants and the world outdoors.
The idea is to "edutain" - creating a bridge between useful information, technology and the outdoors, in a fun, kid-friendly way.

Organic Vegetable Seeds

Characters on packets "come to life" to share growing & cooking tips and other fun facts! Simply download our free app and then aim your phone or tablet at the seed pack.

The Carrot-Napping

In this first in a series of short science stories for kids, our loveable carrot character, Daucus is “carrot-napped” and taken to a secret lab to be genetically modified. Can he be saved? Find out!
Using our free app, the characters in our interactive short stories for kids "come to life" right on the pages when viewed with a phone or tablet. The characters only come to life once each short chapter has been read and the interactive questions answered to ensure reading retention.
Each interactive book includes a pack of carrot seeds for the carrot growing contest!
Fun science for kids...Great prizes!

Bad Guys Watch Out !

The Selfish Seven, headed by Grendal Greed, with sidekicks like Mean Gene, Frackin’ Frank and Wasteful Wally, are hell bent on harming our planet. By teaming together, kids and Powerful Plant characters can stop them.
Powerful Plants donates 10% of all profits to solving world problems using plants as the solution.

Our Characters Come to Life…

The characters in Powerful Plants storybooks come to life right on each page using a technology called Augmented Reality. The “companion app” for a smart phone or tablet is free with each book.

Children first read a page of each scene. Once they answer three questions (correct answers = contest points), they are then able to watch as each character comes to life and completes the scene.

We live in a time when children often grow up isolated from nature.   Powerful Plants stories and characters re-connect kids with  plants and the world outdoors.

The idea is to “edutain” – creating a bridge between useful information, technology, and the outdoors, in a fun, kid-friendly way.

How did Powerful Plants come about?

Benner Family June 2013 closeup_0Al Benner, the founder of Powerful Plants is not only passionate about plants, he is also the father of twin, eight year old boys. First and foremost, Al believes being a kid should be about one thing – having fun. If it isn’t fun and entertaining a kid isn’t interested for long.

It’s what that “fun” is however that can be critically important to the development of a child and how they perceive the world around them.

For Al, seeing his boys spending countless hours with popular fantasy trading cards was getting old. He longed for something more – something where kids could be entertained, yet at the same time be learning real, interesting facts and information.

Enter Powerful Plants – storybooks with an endearing cast of characters that are sure to win the hearts and minds of most any 4 – 12 year-old child (and to be honest quite a few older kids and adults too!).


Why Powerful Plants?

vacationSo how can parents who care about their child’s connection to plants, nature, and the well-being of planet earth, find common ground to get their kids outside and interested in the very things that feed us and keep our world healthy and satisfying?

Powerful Plants was developed to create a bridge for kids between entertainment/technology and plants, nature, and the environment – the “real” world.

Too often these days, learning, exploring, and creating take a back seat to more passive forms of engagement like TV and video games. Here at Powerful Plants we aim to help foster a re-connection with nature by “edutaining” children – they’ll be learning incredibly useful information about plants, nature, and the health of our planet without even realizing it! We must warn you however – many parents have been known to become quite obsessed with our characters and stories!



What is Powerful Plants exactly?

grendal-greed-corrected_0Unlike other cartoons and trading card characters, our plant super heroes don’t “battle” each other. Instead, they work together to help save the planet from destructive human villains – “The Selfish Seven”.

This self-centered group is headed by their dastardly ringleader, Grendal Greed (pictured here) and includes sidekicks like Frackin’ Frank and Wasteful Wally.




Powerful Plants books, seedscontests and prizes are no ordinary forms of entertainment. Our concept is to provide a fun, engaging and informative communication and learning tool for children.



With our free, downloadable “companion app” for a smartphone or tablet, once a child reads the first half of each chapter and answer three questions to ensure reading retention, then each of our characters come to life as talking, animated personalities right on each page of the book!



Included with each interactive book is also a package of carrot seeds to get your youngster’s hands in the soil, and excited about growing their own healthy food.

At stake are lots of great prizes, including a family vacation at a 50 acre organic farm in Pennsylvania – www.OldSchoolFarm.com  – or family memberships at local CSA’s… All this while learning and having FUN!

Empower your children or grandchildren to embrace the magic of plants and help protect our planet at the same time. Order your child some seeds or a copy of our first book – “The Carrot-Napping” – you’ll both be very happy you did.






Powerful Plants – Real Plants – Real Powers – Real Fun

Who We Are


The Idea Guy

Al Benner has been involved with plants his entire life. From a childhood vegetable stand and landscape business, to a deer fence supply company, and more recently, a moss supply enterprise and organic farm, Al has a pattern of identifying opportunities in the green industry and developing businesses accordingly. Re-connecting children with nature is something Al believes is sorely needed at this point in time.



The Artist

Onisor Sorin Ion is a nationally recognized artist from Romania. Here is what he has to say about his work…I have been painting for a long time now. Since childhood I have been fond of nature, but through the years I have started to really understand it better. I have a closer relationship with the plants from my garden, with the trees from the forest, and I listen to the voice and the whispers of nature.

I hope, children, that this book will open your appetite to appreciate nature, to understand each and every plant in its individuality and their roles in our lives



The Bringers of Life

Edutainment Systems0-1 is very proud to have the opportunity to work with Powerful Plants. It is a joy to utilize augmented reality technology to increase engagement for such a meaningful children’s brand! Part of the great human test is how we treat plants – the voiceless lifeforms that cover our planet. We have reached a time when short-term profits are often made through the abuse of nature, or at the expense of our health. The future of our civilization depends on how well we understand and interact with plants and our environment. We hope that by using our technology platform with Powerful Plants, we will encourage children to become better stewards of our planet.



Our Web Developer

Dave Onion has been building web sites for social justice and community organizations for about a decade. Lately he’s been busy crunching code for radicante media an emergent web and media workers cooperative.



Music Man

Will Brown has been writing songs and producing music since he was in middle school. At 19, he has performed at many small venues and has honed his skills producing hip-hop, indie-pop, and electronic dance music over the last six years.